Head out into the world, guilt-free and proud of the minimal footprint you leave behind.

Made of the best materials, the right way

Eco Rubber Soles = Less Waste

Our flexible and lightweight soles are made of 70% recycled rubber.

Our innovative supplier has its own vertical factory that first recycles "old soles" + other scrap materials to incorporate into brand new soles, extending the lifespan of the product and preventing it from going to a landfill.

Ethically sourced, premium veggie tanned leathers

Our buttery soft leather & suede is chrome-free & 100% biodegradable. It's a byproduct of the meat industry too - reducing potential waste.

It is responsibly sourced and tanned via a natural process, relying on tree tannins and water (instead of the toxic, chrome-tanned alternative).

The Best Components You Will Never See

There's more to your shoes than what's on the outside. Tofers are composed of only the best components to be plastic-free.

Biodegradable cotton-woven counters & toe puffs, recycled foam padding, 100% cotton thread for stitching, and a water-based adhesive.

Made with Love in Portugal

Crafted by artisans in a local factory focused on offering great jobs while respecting the environment by supporting sustainable practices. This extends to our suppliers too - a zero waste sole producer, an innovative eco-conscious leather supplier, and others.

This is our home, there is no plan(et) B

Plant Mangrove Trees

We plant a mangrove tree for each pair sold.

Fun fact: mangrove forests are 5x more effective at storing carbon than tropical forests. These trees planted in Biak Island (Indonesia) also protect the island from storm surges and sea-level rise.

Restore Kelp Forests

With each pair, you help restore 1 sq ft of giant kelp in Southern CA.

This is the most effective natural way of absorbing carbon emissions from the atmosphere, provides employment for local fisher-people and divers, and creates critical habitat for 100s of species.

We are Carbon Neutral

We acknowledge there's no way a product business can be 100% sustainable - so we're doing what we can.

We measure our carbon footprint, constantly seek to reduce it, and offset what we can't eliminate.

100% Recycled Kraft Packaging - Clamshell box - Lightweight & Sustainable

Conscious Packaging

Our kraft shoe boxes are made of 100% post-consumer recycled content. We don't see any sense in shipping our shoe box inside of another box (unnecessary weight + raw materials) to get to you, so we use a polybag made of 100% recycled plastics (which is resealable in case you need to send them back!).