Founder Share: Garik Himebaugh of Eco-Stylist

We connected with founders from brands that inspire us, to learn a bit about them and their brands - we imagine if you like Tofers, you'd like them too! 

Garik Himebaugh, Founder of Eco-Stylist

For those who aren't familiar with your brand, how would you describe it?

Eco-Stylist is convenient, ethical, and tailored to you. We host a Sustainable Brands Directory for everyone, curate sustainable clothing for men in an easy-to-use marketplace, and offer virtual + sustainable personal styling. Our philosophy? Dress like you give a damn: the act of looking sharp without compromising your values. Eco-Stylist’s mission is to help you do just that.

What's your favorite product and why?

That's always changing but at the moment it's Nisolo's Javier Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots are a type of shoe I've never owned so I'm having a lot of fun styling them. I also regularly get compliments when I wear them. (I hope their ethical creation goes without saying as they're from our marketplace).

"Sustainability" can mean many things in relation to a product based business. How do you define it for your brand?

To us sustainable fashion means making clothes in the most environmentally conscious ways possible, while simultaneously ensuring fair treatment for the people who make them. This means more sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, tencel, hemp and linen. It means using renewable energy at factories, filtering and recycling wastewater. It also means that anyone in the world deserves fair working conditions, no matter how far away or invisible they are to the end consumer.

At Eco-Stylist sustainable encapsulates ethical. We don’t believe a brand is sustainable if they aren’t ethical too. So we don’t use the terms independently.

Do you have any upcoming product launches or initiatives you are particularly excited about and want to share?

We are very excited about our recently launched Sustainable Brands Directory. You can filter brands by rating, gender, country, and more. You can also click on any brand to learn more about why and how they are sustainable. We're continuing to update it and have some big changes on the way!

Rapid Fire Round

  • Jeans or sweatpants? Jeans
  • Laces or laceless (shoes)? Laceless
  • Penthouse or beach house? Penthouse
  • Tesla or Porsche? Tesla
  • Favorite quarantine pastime? Cooking

Thank you Garik for sharing Eco-Stylist with the Tofers community. We are big fans of all Eco-Stylist is up to and can't wait to (hopefully) join the directory!

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