Founder Share: James Bright of Hyde Belt Company

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James Bright, Co-Founder of Hyde Belt Company

For those who aren't familiar with your brand, how would you describe it?

We are a Men's Belt Company, based in New York City.

What's your favorite product (of your own) and why?

The Marquee belt (woven collection). I love the color scheme and the woven belts have a great feel.

"Sustainability" can mean many things in relation to a product based business. How do you define it for your brand?

We worked hard to create a supply chain that is sustainable. Our North American cow hides are vegetable tanned in Pennsylvania and then we bring the leather to a family-run belt maker in the Garment district in NYC. Having full clarity in our supply chain became a "no brainer." We want to deliver the highest quality products and the only way to do that is to be intimate with the process.

Do you have any upcoming product launches or initiatives you are particularly excited about and want to share?

We just launched our new website and a new belt collection: the woven belts. They are a a big hit - I think because they're colorful and fun. And really comfortable.

Rapid Fire Round

  • Jeans or sweatpants? Jeans (we're anti elastic waist bands here at Hyde)
  • Laces or laceless (shoes)? Laceless
  • Penthouse or beach house? Both?
  • Tesla or Porsche? Tesla
  • Favorite quarantine pastime? Roller blading

Thank you James for sharing your thoughts with us at Tofers. We're excited to follow along in the Hyde Belt Company journey - and pickup some woven belts!

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