Hampton Smoking Slipper

$212.00 $235.00

Your new go-to loafer:

♻️ Ethically made with eco-conscious materials
🧈 Buttery-soft, breathable leather for extreme comfort
🌳 1 mangrove tree planted + 1 sq ft kelp forest restored
Color: Midnight Blue

The Hampton was born out of necessity. We wanted a loafer that was handsome, comfortable, and versatile. A smoking slipper was perfect, only there wasn't one on the market that checked all of our boxes (good looks, eco-friendly design, grippy rubber soles, at a fair price), so we opted to make it ourselves.

The Hampton is made to be worn sans socks (though we won't stop you from socking up). This is possible thanks to our buttery soft, chrome free-leather lining which is paired with equally high quality chrome-free suede, both of which are able to “breathe”, ensuring your feet stay cool and dry. 

We also added in a generous layer of recycled foam padding to provide ample cushioning for every step you take. Together, these components ensure your shoes will mold to your feet over time, making for the most comfortable loafer you’ll ever own. We brought it all together with grippy yet durable soles made of 70% recycled rubber, while keeping the Hampton incredibly lightweight and flexible.

From the onset, we opted for eco-friendly components vs. the usual suspects used in other similar shoes. While being eco-conscious comes with a higher cost, it’s worth it to us. Here is a breakdown of the Hampton’s components, as well as what others will often use. 

- Upper: we use chrome-free, veggie tanned suede. Other brands often use suede tanned with chromium, a metal and known carcinogen

- Lining: we use chrome-free, veggie tanned leather. Other brands often use leather tanned with chromium, a metal and known carcinogen

- Sole: we use 70% recycled rubber soles from our zero-waste supplier. Other brands often use entirely ‘new’ petroleum-based rubber (not good) or leather soles (which are great if vegetable-tanned)

- Padding: we use recycled foam padding for added cushioning. Other brands often use ’new’ plastic-based EVA foam

- Stiffeners: we use cotton-woven, 100% biodegradable counters & toe puffs. Other brands often use plastic stiffeners

- Adhesive: we use eco-friendly water-based glue. Other brands often use toxic, solvent-based contact cement

Odds are our competitors aren’t as transparent with this information, so we encourage you to ask what goes into their shoes and make your own informed decision. We fully endorse you supporting our competitors so long as they are transparent and prioritize using eco-friendly materials!

There's a ton of innovation happening in the materials space. We're keeping an eye on what's being introduced and will continually innovate our products to further reduce their environmental impact.

Crafted in an ethically run factory in Portugal by skilled artisans who are paid fair wages. Our long-time factory partner has been operating for 30+ years and is incredibly excited to bring Tofers' unique and sustainable products to the market.

Because our shoes are crafted in Portugal, it is paramount that our suppliers are close by to minimize how far each element travels, and as such, our primary components are all sourced from within Portugal and all others come from within the EU. 

For every pair you buy, one mangrove tree is planted and one square foot of kelp forest is restored with the help of our partner SeaTrees.

Blue-carbon coastal ecosystems are the most effective way to suck carbon out of the atmosphere - period. As a product-based business, there's no way to fully eliminate our carbon footprint but this is one way we work to help offset it.

We've got you covered, from sweat-chic to black-tie.

The Hampton is equally confident traversing your cozy home with sweats, busy city sidewalks with chinos and a t-shirt, tired office carpets with slacks and a button-down, the hottest restaurant in town with jeans and a blazer, or your friend's wedding with a suit and tie. Do it all in one day if you dare, they are up for the challenge.