How to pull off wearing smoking slippers with ease

We get it. You don’t see smoking slippers all that often, and when you do, the guy may seem to be a bit “fashion-forward”. But we’re here to tell you that you can do it. You don’t need to be the best dressed guy in town. Hell, that’s part of why we made these… just throw them on and you’ll class yourself up a level without even trying. And we mean throw them on - please skip the socks they are totally unnecessary. If you really insist, only do so with dress socks and pants. Crew socks ain’t gonna cut it here.

Our smoking slippers are essentially loafers, and subtle at that. 

No embroidery, no loud colors. Think of them as a grown up boat shoe. Instead of feeling like a frat boy shotgunning beers in the backyard (boat shoe), you can feel like a distinguished alum sipping whiskey in the library (smoking slipper). 

Now that you’ve got over this absurd fear that you can’t pull them off, here are some simple ways to wear them out in the world:   

  • At a wedding or formal event: throw them on with a spiffy tuxedo or suit - this is our bread and butter. It’s a subtle way to stand out from the rest, without being too splashy. Super comfy and grippy to keep you dancing all night long. Bonus points for the fact that you can dress them down for the rehearsal or post-festivities brunch
  • At the swankiest restaurant in town: pair them with dark jeans or crisp chinos and a button-down shirt (with a jacket if you feel up for it). While you may not normally be a wine guy, tonight you bleed sophistication and get chummy with the sommelier in no time 
  • At your local dive bar: throw on your relaxed jeans and your go-to concert tee shirt. This is all about comfort in a comfortable place - have a whiskey in our name. 
  • At your 9-5: throw on some slacks or jeans and a button down. You may dread cubicle life, but you don’t need to dress like the other zombies to
  • At the airport: up, up and away we go. They’re a solid choice for the jet setter, but more so because you have a wildly versatile and snazzy shoe to enjoy at your destination
  • At the grocery store: news flash… nobody lives a perfect Instagram life all day. Hell, not even ¼ of the day. You need to run your errands and get sh*t done. Consider the Hampton to be your co-pilot, elevating you from the tedious unfoldings of the day
  • At the golf course: they go well with shorts too - no, you won’t rip it 300 yards while wearing these though you may try. But they’re the perfect shoe for traipsing from parking lot to locker room or for your 19th hole beers (ditch the flip flops, this is a place for gentlemen good sir!)
  • At home: with sweats, remember, they do have slippers in their name. They make for a great house slipper if you so choose
  • At [insert location here]: do you see our point? The Hampton is up for anything. 

There you have it. One shoe to rule them all. What are you waiting for, get out there and make sh*t happen while looking slightly more put together than you may be most of the time. It’s our gift to you.