Men’s wedding shoes that don’t suck

In the world of men’s formalwear, there is no bigger sin than patent leather shoes. Well, there probably is, but they make us cringe. You know… those super shiny ones that you get with a rental tux? Delete those from your mind forever (though the image is likely burned in). 

So what does that leave you with? 

  • Oxfords = for the traditionalist; this is your typical laced shoe though there are a few varieties (derby, blucher, buck) and materials (leather, suede)
  • Monkstraps = getting edgy now… typically a piece of leather as a strap along with 1, 2, or 3 buckles
  • Boots = nothing wrong with a good boot, whether classic, chukka, or chelsea, though we save this for colder weather occasions
  • Loafers = now we’re getting warmer - think penny or tassel, like grandpa used to wear

Yes we left one out… and it’s THE ONE. The smoking slipper. That’s the answer to the age-old question of what wedding shoe doesn’t suck (maybe not an age-old question, but we have been asking ourselves that question for too long). Odds are, if you’re here, you want something different. Not different in a “ look at me way” but different in a subtle, polished way. If you want that, then the smoking slipper is your solution. 

Still not convinced?

Beyond their dapper looks, a good pair has plenty of other admirable traits. We’re big fans of ours for a few reasons: 

  1. Extreme comfort: a full leather lining with a suede “upper” means your feet are hugged by premium, buttery-soft and breathable leather. Recycled foam padding along with archway support give you a cloud-like feel with each step. 
  2. Endless versatility: our suede and grippy soles can take you from black-tie to conference room to grocery store. So go ahead and splurge for the occasion, you’ll get plenty of mileage out of them down the road too
  3. Conscious design: it’s 2022 people, get with it. We’re not in the business of creating something that is unnecessarily harmful to the environment. That’s why our shoes are made of premium suede from a Leather Working Group “Gold” rated tannery (aka super responsible in their practices), recycled foam padding, recycled rubber soles, biodegradable “stiffeners” (you don’t see these with the naked eye, but it’s what gives shoes their structure; most people use cheap plastic), and water-based adhesive (instead of chemical alternatives)
  4. Handsome looks: yes we already said this, but it’s worth repeating. You can’t argue that these aren’t a devilishly good looking shoe

And that’s that. You have your wedding shoe picked = The Hampton smoking slipper. If you’re the groom, well played (and congrats!), your soon to be spouse will love it. Groomsmen need a pair too? The more the merrier. Or maybe you’re just a guest at the wedding? It’s fair game = you should look and feel good about what you’re wearing. Don’t worry, as we covered these aren’t too flashy so you won’t be stealing anyone’s show (though your confidence will be up, guaranteed).

Enjoy the party.