Founder Share: Landon Nash of Tact & Stone

We connected with founders from brands that inspire us, to learn a bit about them and their brands - we imagine if you like Tofers, you'd like them too! 

Landon Nash, Founder of Tact & Stone

For those who aren't familiar with your brand, how would you describe it?

Tact & Stone is a menswear brand with an unparalleled commitment to social and environmental sustainability. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to waste and climate change. We do things different: 100% sustainable materials 100% ethical production 100% quality and style. We are proving that you don't have to sacrifice anything for truly sustainable and ethical products.

What's your favorite product (of your own) and why?

The Upcycled Oxford [shirt] is my favorite product. I love it because it took 6 months of research and development to be able to incorporate upcycled cotton yarn into a weave. We are the first (that we know of) to achieve this, so we can confidently say it's the lowest impact shirt on the market.

"Sustainability" can mean many things in relation to a product based business. How do you define it for your brand?

For Tact & Stone there are two main aspects of sustainability: environmental and social. On the environmental side, this means only using organic natural, and recycled materials to produce our clothing. Additionally, we look at every material we use in our business, from our clothes, to the buttons (we use natural corozo nuts), to the packaging (we never ship plastic to our customers, only use recycled packaging), all the way to our shipping labels which are post consumer recycled. On the social side, this means vetting all of our sourcing and production partners to ensure they are ethically certified. All of our production partners are paying above living wage and ensure safe and fair working conditions for all employees. This helps produce thriving communities in which we produce our garments.

Rapid Fire Round

  • Jeans or sweatpants? "sustainable" jeans whenever I step outside the house.
  • Laces or laceless (shoes)? Laces
  • Penthouse or beach house? Beach house! I live half a block from the beach in Redondo
  • Tesla or Porsche? TESLA
  • Favorite quarantine pastime? Reading, playing cards with my fiancee, going on walks with my pup

Thank you Landon for sharing your thoughts with us at Tofers. We are hugely appreciative, and are big fans of all you have going on at Tact & Stone!

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